Never The Bride By Paul Magrs

Never The Bride By Paul Magrs

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     Updated 16/09/2014

     The episodic structure and super simple YA-style prose mire a book worth reading for its genius premise: pensioners battling the supernatural in UK Goth Capital, Whitby.

     Magrs inventively homages all the genre classics with warmth and wit whilst Brenda and Effie disguise cracks in an episodic narrative with the sheer force of…

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The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward By H. P. Lovecraft

The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward By H. P. Lovecraft

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

      H.P. Lovecraft’s longform novel makes a fine introduction to the author’s original mythos and recurring themes but, like Poe before him, the style and structure of his weird tales has not aged well and demands patience from modern readers.

     The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward reads much like a dry historical legal document and Lovecraft’s obsession with…

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Jago By Kim Newman

Jago By Kim Newman

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

Updated 21/08/2014 

     Kim Newman’s Glastonbury set tale of a year 2000 millenium apocalypse may have passed its sell by date (without incident) yet still offers a gorily fun interpretation of The Book of Revelations for horror fans who enjoy the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, James Herbert and Brian Lumley.

     There is a comfortable soap-opera…

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Once Is Enough For James Herbert

Once Is Enough For James Herbert

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     Updated 12/08/2014

     A short sharp review of Once…

     James Herbert does little to shift his low-brow Stephen King associations with this perfunctory foray into the world of faerie.

     Aspooky house and a missing testament provide Scooby Doo plotting while flat characters and shallow research create a strangely uninvolving tale of mixed-up…

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John Constantine, Hellblazer: India

John Constantine, Hellblazer: India

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     NBC’s Constantine TV show is set to air on 24th October with Matt Ryan in the lead role so there’s plenty of time to familiarise yourself with Vertigo’s paranormal PI.

     Grubby, British, sociopolitical and astute, Constantine’s adventures will appeal to those who want smarts with their supernatural.

     There are bigger, more epic story arcs than the…

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Lughnasadh ~ The Beginner’s Guide To The Wheel Of The Year

Lughnasadh ~ The Beginner’s Guide To The Wheel Of The Year

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     Updated 29/07/2014

     Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-na-sah) is one of eight festivals celebrated on the ancient Wheel Of The Year seasonal calendar.  It marks the midpoint between The Summer Solstice and The Autumn Equinox.  It was once observed when the first sheaf of corn was cut and now, most commonly, on 1st August.

     The First Harvest is named for…

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Please Don’t Put Humpty Together Again

Please Don’t Put Humpty Together Again

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     Updated 22/07/2014

     Billy Majestic’s arresting Graphic Novel, Humpty Dumpty is a Science Fiction/Horror yarn and definitely not recommended for children.

     Vivid colours and smooth digital blending achieve a film-like look; entirely appropriate for a snappy origin tale which plays like a movie storyboard and makes no qualms about its B-Movie…

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"Amid a Sea of Eyes" ~ The Adventuress by Audrey Niffenegger

“Amid a Sea of Eyes” ~ The Adventuress by Audrey Niffenegger

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

     Audrey Niffenegger, best known as the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, spins a macabre yet enchanting novel in pictures.

     The Adventuress, an ethereal yet tenacious heroine, is created by an alchemist, has a love affair with Napoleon and gives birth to a cat in a quest of Fairy Tale subversions and surreal post-feminism.

     The text may tell us of…

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Lily Wight’s Remarkable Victorian Trivia Generator

Lily Wight’s Remarkable Victorian Trivia Generator

Originally posted on Lily Wight:

*Postage stamps, matches, refrigerators, lightbulbs, antiseptic, inflatable tyres, cars, buses, telephones, iron bridges, railways, cameras, bandstands and promenades are all Victorian inventions.

*After the death of Prince Albert (1861) Queen Victoria dressed in black and had fresh clothes and a wash-stand prepared for Albert every day.

*She also spoke of…

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Cute Baby Bat ~ Gratuitous Gif Of The Month

     Did you know that cute baby bats are actually known as pups?  What a blog, eh?  Informative AND adorable!

     Pop back next month for a brand new and totally gratuitous gif :)

Cute Baby Bat Gif

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